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Crooked Thumb Brewery Event

Date: 25 February 2018 12:00 to 15:00
Summary: Meet & Greet & Fundraiser
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Mutt Madness

Date: 10 March 2018 11:30 to 17:00
Summary: Rescue Event in Dunedin
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Tampa Pride

Date: 24 March 2018 10:00 to 17:00
Summary: FEBR will be attending Tampa Pride this year! Come out and see us for a fun day!
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Charlie - Pending

Age: 2

UPDATE 10/15: Charlie is now medically cleared! We have avoided doing the second ACL surgery due to the great care of her foster parents with physical therapy and weight loss. Charlie's forever home MUST keep her weight as is, because even just a 5 pound weight gain will spell trouble with her other leg. Her new parents will also need to keep up with twice daily walks of 30 minutes each! Looking for a bully to walk with, this is your girl! Charlie is more of an Olde English Bulldog so she is taller and a little more heat resistant as well.

UPDATE 9/9: We got great news at Charlie's 2 month check up with the surgeon. She has continued to lose weight and has been doing great with her physical therapy. So great in fact that she may not need ACL surgery on her second ACL! Her next check up is at the end of September and we hope to get the all clear then!

UPDATE 7/26: Charlie had surgery 7/5 and is recovering in her foster home. Her surgery went very well and she is doing great. Her second ACL surgery will be early September. 

UPDATE 6/23: Charlie saw a local specialist and it was confirmed that Charlie will need 2 ACL surgeries. We will be doing the first one the first week of July and then 8 weeks later doing it all over again. Charlie is a lover and you can tell that she just wants to run around. We can't wait to get this girl walking again. Any help with her surgical costs are much appreciated!

2 year old Charlie was taken to the LSU Veterinary teaching hospitals after tearing 2 ACL's on her back legs. Her owners wanted to euthanize her due to the surgery needed. The vets called us and we could not let this young girl suffer. Charlie made the long journey from Louisiana to Tampa. Charlie is a sweetheart, but immobile right now due to her injuries.