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Bulldog Burlesque

Date: 23 September 2017 17:30 to 22:00
Summary: FEBR's Inaugural Bulldog Beauty Pageant, Presented by APG
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Blessings Of the Animals Celebration

Date: 7 October 2017 10:00 to 14:00
Summary: Join FEBR for a rescue event at St. Clement's Episcopal Church in Tampa
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Age: 5

UPDATE 8/5/17: Gertie is sitting and wondering where her forever home is, but we know it will be worth the wait! Gertie weighed in at 72 pounds at her last check up and now has strict orders to receive nothing but her cup of food twice a day. We have also switched her to the moderate calorie Royal Canine S/O food. This food has less calories and still is great for urinary tract issue. Other than her weight she is doing well and staying on apoquel for her skin allergies. If you are in a house with no other dogs and no kids under 12, Gertie could be the one! Gertie does do well with cats. 

UPDATE 6/26/17: Gertie is doing well and is now just on apoquel for her skin allergies and Hills Prescription Science Diet C/D. Gertie is a HAM and loves attention. If you have that to give her send in an application!

UPDATE 5/27: Gertie girl is doing great on prednisone and her urinary habits are becoming more normal! Gertie will still be going to a home without other dogs, but continues to do great with the cats in her foster home. She will do best with older kids, since she is stubborn. In the future she will remain on a prescription diet for her urinary tract. After Gertie's streak of bad luck we're determined to find her castle for her, as she LOVES attention!

Sadly, Miss Gertie finds herself back in rescue because she was not the right fit it looks like. Miss Gertie needs to be an only child in a home without dogs. Gertie is doing fine with cats in her foster home though. Gertie will also do best with a family with teenagers and older because she is a very stubborn girl!

One of her favorite past times is sleeping on the couch, that's usually where you can find her. She could stand to lose a few pounds health wise. Her left eye was damaged because it was not treated properly earlier in life. She also has a history of urinary tract issues including kidney stones, so she is on a prescription diet.

Miss Gertie deserves the best, so if you have no other pets in the home and are looking for a girl to love please consider Gertie!

UPDATE: 5/5/17 We are treating cystitis or inflammation of the bladder with steroids. After this we hope Miss Gertie will not have any more urinary issues as long as she stays on her prescription food! Gertie is on a weight loss plan too as she was 69 pounds at the vet!