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Pending Event-please check back

Date: 6 January 2018
Summary: Join FEBR at Burger Fi in Seminole For a Meet & Greet & Fundraiser
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WoofGang Orlando

Date: 20 January 2018 10:00 to 13:00
Summary: Meet At Greet At Woofgang
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Crooked Thumb Brewery Event

Date: 25 February 2018 12:00 to 15:00
Summary: Meet & Greet & Fundraiser
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Featured Rescue

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Age: 5

UPDATE 12/5: Lulu was cat tested and does do well with them. Lulu will need to be the only dog in the home, but socially does do well with most dogs like on walks and out and about. Lulu's energy is back up and she is enjoying playing more!

UPDATE 11/20: Lulu is finally feeling 100% again. Lulu had a health scare early this month and had trouble breathing overnight. Her foster mom rushed her to the ER vet and there they determined she needed a few different surgical procedures. They shortened her soft palatte which will help her breathing in the future. They also removed an enlarged sack in her throat that was also helping to block the airway. This was biopsied and was just a polyp! They did a partial tie back of her trachea as well. Lulu is now at 100%, but will do best in a low key home where her breathing is not stressed. She remains on Apoquel for skin allergies. Lulu does need to be the only dog in the home as she gets jealous of others. We can cat test Lulu if desired!

Lulu is a middle aged female that comes to us after not getting along with the other male dog in her home. For this reason Lulu will be placed as an only dog in a home. However, lulu does get along socially with other dogs. We believe lulu would be ok with children as well. Lulu has skin allergies that she's on meds for, but is otherwise healthy!