At this time, it may take up to 30 days after submitting your application to be contacted to start the approval process. We have received an overwhelming number of applications recently and the approval process is taking longer than normal*******

Ready to Apply? Here is how the process works:

  • Apply - Fill out the application once you close this window. To submit an application you must pay a $20 non refundable fee. You must fill in all of the fields and include a vet reference and/or a character reference letter from your employer.
  • Application Review -  A volunteer will review your application and make sure all required information and documents are included. Make sure you fill in each field. Take the time to make sure phone numbers are accurate as vets will be called for references. WE VERIFY THAT YOUR DOG IS ON HEARTWORM PREVENTION! If you buy online, include your receipts from at least 12 months of purchases. If you rent, include your lease agreement or landlord permission letter. All pets in the home must also be spayed/neutered to be considered.
  • Phone Interview - A volunteer will call you to speak to you and your family members about adoption and your knowledge of the breed. A home visit will be set up if all goes well in the phone interview.
  • Home Visit - FEBR volunteers will perform the home visit. Make sure all of your family members are present so that we can get to know your family and learn what you expect from rescuing a bulldog. The English Bulldog is at an increased risk of drowning compared to other breeds. For this reason, homes with in-ground pools will be approved on a CASE BY CASE basis, and must have a child safety barrier in place.  If you live in a single family home that backs up to water (pond or lake) your yard must be fenced to prevent an accidental drowning.
  • Meet and Greets - If you are local, you ARE required to come out to one of our planned events (see calendar) to meet the FEBR team. Do not sit back and expect us to come to you. Show support for all the dedication and hard work FEBR does for this wonderful breed.
  • Finding your Bulldog - Once your home is officially approved, we will take a look at the bulldogs we have available. If we feel we have a match for you we will contact you to discuss. If you agree on the potential match, we will set up a meet with the bulldog to see if our bully approves of you. Please be patient during this process as our goal is to find the right family for the bulldogs in our care. Adoption donations range from $150-$800. Getting your application in and on to the approved list is necessary as some bulldogs that come into our program go right into their matched homes prior to being posted on to our website.